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Thank you...

Through the generosity of so many, Maggie's Foundation has made an impact on hundreds of families through grants and scholarships.  We wanted to share a small sampling of Thank You notes that we have received. 

Thank you to all of our donors for making these stories possible.

Thank you for your assistance.  My husband became unemployed in September.  The scholarship was awarded in October.  Maggie's Foundation covered our October and November payments, their is no way we would have been able to make the payments.  The timing was miraculous.  You have helped the girls greatly.  November 2012

Thank you for your generosity in granting my son an iPad.  Over the past couple of months I have noticed a dramatic increase in his peacefulness.  I have no doubt in my mind that this peace comes from the ability to communicate when he looses his language skills during times of frustration and overwhelming anxiety.  Thank you Maggie for inspiring so many people and making it possible for my son to receive this wonderful gift.   October 2012

There are a lot of changes happening in my family and this may be the last year I attend this school so I really appreciate your help.  I am grateful for the two years I have had here, it has instilled many qualities that I know are going to take me far in life.  I hope I have the opportunity with my education to affect others in the way that your Foundation has affected me.  August 2012

Thank you for your generous support to our Grow It, Eat It, Share It camp opportunities for children.  40 children attended the weeklong camp including 12 developmentally disabled children at no cost to their families.  The children planted a garden, gathered eggs, made a worm farm, learned how to make lunch from food grown on the Seeds of Hope and shared a meal that they made with their parents on the last day of camp.  Many smiles and proud moments experienced by all.  August 2012

  Words cannot express our gratitude to you all for providing our son with this grant. It has allowed our family and therapists to provide him with much needed ABA therapy for a little while longer. He has not let his iPad go since we got it set up for him. There has never been anything that has been able to hold his attention for that long, ever!  As much as I wish I could, I don't think we can ever express how much we appreciate this and how thankful we truly are for your generosity and kindness. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  July 2012

Because of your mission, my son will benefit from the best educational program available in my community for children like him affected with autism.  Without the help of your scholarship, I would not be able  to afford the tuition.  August 2011

From some of our younger friends

We accept with great honor this scholarship award given in Maggie's memory.  We know the pain of losing a child with the loss of our own daughter.  We think it is a wonderful tribute to have something like the Maggie Welby Foundation to carry on Maggie's memory.  August 2011

May God continue to bless you as you have embraced and helped us.  August 2011

Thank you for supporting my dream.  I was fortunate to find a job this summer which is a big deal...I was able to help my family out with expenses as well as put this scholarship towards my tuition this year.  August 2011

I would like to sincerely thank you.  Although I didn't know Maggie personally I helped with fundraising. I know she would be proud of all you are doing. I would like to thank her too.  August 2011

Thank you so much for the support of our students.  Maggie must have been a wonderful young girl with lots of love in her heart.  To remember her with scholarships for others is a lasting testimony to her.  These families are in great financial need and want to continue their education.  August 2011

I want to say thank you .  I'm so excited and thankful that you've help make my dream come true.  I think what you're doing for me and for so many other people is great, and from what I've read, really in the spirit of Maggie.  December 2010

You have turned tragedy into a help for so many.  January 2010

I'm a Kindergarten graduate which made possible with the help of Maggie Welbys fundation.  Without your assistant I wouldn't have continues as a student.  With this I include my report card and I promise to work harder.  I owe this to Maggie of blessed memory.  Unedited, August 2009

We have reached a hard part of our lives where some things feel hopeless and impossible.  I can't help but feel embarrassed to have actually had to ask for help.  We truly need to thank you for the glimmer of hope for a brighter future.  July 2009 

The services the children need can cause significant financial hardship on a family.  I wish there were more foundations such as yours.  I am honored that your money goes directly to families, this is often hard to find.  January 2009

Maggie's Foundation has been a tremendous support to so many of our students and we are grateful. January 2009

Thank you so much for allowing me to go to this school...I love it and I am learning so much!  At the beginning it was hard to adapt but I caught on very quickly.  I put as much effort as I can in everything I do now.  I have found the real me.  I cannot even explain the amount of happiness you have brought into my life.  November 2008

  I can't begin to thank you for the generous scholarship you awarded our family.  Our kids were so thrilled when I read them the letter.  At first we cried as we remembered stories about Maggie, then we thanked God for all of you and this kindness that will never be forgotten.  May 2008

  I would like to thank you for granting me this money from the Maggie Welby Foundation.  I will try my best to be the most successful student I can and keep up with my studies.  June 2007

  Sometimes, I would have never guessed that someone out there was listening...you were.  You have rejuvenated my faith not only in God but also in good people, like yourselves.  June 2007

Without the support of your Foundation, my daughter would not have been able to become as comfortable here, living with me, her dad.  Because of your tuition assistance, my daughter is able to attend a school of pride.  April 2007

  For the first time in five years I don't worry when my son goes to school.  It feels wonderful.  He does his homework immediately every night...thanks to you my son has a light in his eye.  September 2006  

  Two years ago we attended OLGC for the first time.  You and your family sat right in front of us.  I still remember your two little beautiful girls.  The love between you all was tangible.   After mass they ran to their grandpa.  It was truly one  of the reasons I decided that church was the one we should attend.  I am sorry for the reason the funds are available but I am truly grateful that you have chosen to remember Maggie by assisting children.  August 2006 

  Our family is very appreciative of the grant you awarded.  We want to thank you so much.  I have been fighting breast cancer and missing work until recently.  The bills are starting to arrive now and your generosity helped us keep our son in school.  Maggie is surely watching how you are helping people in her name.  I'm sure she is very proud of you for your faith and courage.  August 2006

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